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How To Make Money From Writing as Student

This content will be exposing secrets on how to make money from writing as a student. You do not need any prophet to tell you that you have some writing skills if you love to read and put your thoughts into words. It is a rare skill some students would love to have, but when it comes easy for you, I would advise you not to trivialize it. Take it personally and build yourself to become a pro at it. This is because it can fetch you wholesome money.

You should monetize what you already love to do rather than racking your brain on what to do to earn income in school. Even if writing is not a natural thing for you, it is one skill you can consider for side income as a student. Don’t just call writing your hobby! Let what you do make money for you, even while studying in school.

5 Easy Ways on How To Make Money from Writing as a Student

So if you have found out that you can write or that you have an interest in writing, please go through this article carefully, as I will be showing 5 easy ways through which you can accrue money through writing.

Sign up for a Freelancing

The number one means a writer can earn money without stress is by doing freelancing. You get hired by some ready-to-pay employers who need for their business and you earn your cool cash. All without leaving the comfort of your room. And the good thing is that you wouldn’t be needing anything other than your smartphone or laptop and a good internet to connect with your clients, both offline and online. Nobody needs paperwork to get through their audience these days. Everything is now online.

This means that you can submit your write-up to the client’s email or any social media platform. And if your clients are Upwork or Fiverr family, you will only send it to them via the website. Your charge may be as low as $0.1 per word or as high as $1 per word depending on your competence, network, and expertise in the field. Freelancing can earn you good money and you should consider it.

Become a Content Contributor

You can write your expression on certain topics and pitch it to editors/bodies who are in the field. There are some magazines and newspapers that seek contributions from people, especially those who can readily express themselves through writing. You can write to organizations such as those dealing with HIV/AIDS patients, RAPE victims, SELF IMPROVEMENT, and so on if you have an opinion that matters on the subject. Even though it is not a full-time job, you can be rest assured to be well paid whenever your articles are accepted and get into their publications.

It could also mean a good start for you, because a lot of people will get to read your articles among whom, you never can tell, your next job will surface.

Own a website/blog

Do you know how excited bloggers are whenever they get good traffic on their site? This is because, gradually, they are becoming known and Google has some mouthwatering rewards for them at any instant in time. So if you find writing a hobby, I would love you to get up online there and create your blog. Allow a comfortable niche for yourself, it could be fashion, entertainment, educational, lifestyle, health, food and nutrition, etc.

Finding a comfortable niche will give you the opportunity to write your best anytime any day and you will be able to engage your readers since it is what you love to discuss mostly. Starting a blog comes with zero fees and when your blog starts to become popular, you get paid from advertisements especially from brands who would love you to use your popularity to promote their business.

Become an Editor/Proofreader

If you read a lot and you love writing, then editing and proofreading will come easy for you. This is because you will easily pick errors, whether grammatical errors or spelling errors when you see one.  There are many people whose written pieces are great but without a little touch of an editor, it looks unprofessional and incoherent. You coming in for them will earn you not just a token but as much as you can charge for writing depending on how crude the written piece is.

Be a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are those who write a book for an author without their names appearing in the book. You can become one. A lot of people are loaded with great ideas and some have even become an author in their imagination, only that they don’t know how to put those ideas into writing. Ghostwriting is easy because you already have a glimpse of what the author wants. All you have to do is listen to their ideas and draft them out as best as possible.

In Conclusion

This content is all about how to make money from writing as student. Every skill is as profitable as you make it. Writing is one of the most prominent and profitable skills that students and even graduates use as a means of livelihood today. But if you are lazy and not ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone, you may never earn anything from it. Carefully analyze your strength and weakness in writing, you can not expect to earn money from something you have not discovered nor work on.

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