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4 Easy Ways to Make Money Online as a Student

Looking for ways to make money online as a student, you are on the right page. You don’t have to go broke again! This article will expose you to ways in which you can make money online while studying at school. Being a college student should motivate you well enough that you are more than just depending on your parents for pocket money.

The good thing is that science and technology have made life so easy that there is hardly anything you cannot do on the internet. You can attend meetings or get interviewed for jobs on the internet. You can do business online, get paid jobs, and earn as much as you can. All of these are what you can do without leaving the comfort of your room.

Even if you are a newbie and have little or no work experience, you can be rest assured that earning money online as a student is the easiest thing that can ever happen to you as a student. This is because you don’t need anything to start. All that will be required of you is just your determination to explore the internet and your passion to work.

How to Make Money Online as a Student

So in this article, I want you to take your time and go through the top easy ways through which you can make money online as a student.

Become a Freelancer

We understand that you can not join a company to work for now because of your classes and a few other projects you have to work on in school. However, you can become a freelancer and monetize your skills on sites like Internshala, Freelancer, iWriter, UpWork, and HireWriters. Once you register on any of these websites, you will be opened to jobs such as writing, graphics design, language transcription, websites development, and so on. The cool thing about freelancing is that you’re in control of when and where you work. You’ll have a deadline of course, but the company who contracts you won’t tell you where and when to work.

Most freelancers’ works are from big companies who are ready to pay you for your skill. Their communication and payments are hundred percent online and you wouldn’t have to worry how you get their currency converted to yours because those freelance sites have all of that settled to your advantage. If you are determined well enough, you can earn as much as $100 within a month. Just learn your robes very well and be the best you can with your skill.

Train people online

If you’ve got experience on a skill and you’re passionate about it, I see no reason why you can’t translate that into an income. There are tons of people who are looking for a good coach to put them through one or two skills online, how rewarding will it be being their tutor! You don’t have to leave your room, you don’t need some whiteboard and ink to pass across your knowledge. All you have to do is make ready your voice notes, or a little pdf file, Power-Point presentation, or graphic illustrations!

Imagine having a class of 256 people learning under you in a closed WhatsApp group! Imagine further that each student is paying $20 for your service! That enough could make you a thousand bucks in a month. And if you feel you aren’t making enough money from tutoring others, you can compile your presentation and turn them into online courses to sell. There are good platforms like SkillShare and Udemy that offer coaches to get on their platform and sell their own courses online, You can make a course on any skill ranging from dance to drawing, to cooking and sell it on those platforms. The more popular the course gets, the more income you get.

Get serious on your social media pages.

Everyone is now on social media. It will surprise you that top millionaires are emerging from those who are strategic users of social media apps such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Look at people who are into modelling, brand ambassadors, and online influencers. You will realize that they always make good use of their social media pages by posting good content and relating almost everything to what they do.

If you think you can make people laugh, get relieved of stress or even teach some online facts and information about different topics, then be sure to earn money this way if you maintain a good online presence.  By the time you garner many followers and gain popularity through your online presence, more and more brands will approach you to use your popularity to advertise and promote their products.

Become a Social Media Manager

If you’re very good with your social media handles, then you will be able to manage a company’s website. The routine is quite similar since companies are after building large communities of followers to promote their brand products or services. Also, you will be required to engage their followers through posts, likes, and comments. And you may also be expected to invoke certain actions with their followers which include directing them to important blog posts, guiding them on how to sign up for email newsletters, and encourage them to buy the company’s products and services.


If you are wondering when you should start implementing the tips mentioned here in this article, I want you to know that now is the best time. A student’s life on campus is the best learning period because you learn fast and have enough motivations around you. Do not hesitate to put yourself out there and try new things now when you can learn and earn.

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