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A Systematic Review Of Structural Equation Model (SEM)

TitleA Systematic Review Of Structural Equation Model (SEM)
AuthorsH. O. Owolabi
J. K. Ayandele
D. D. Olaoye
IssueVol. 1 No. 2 (2020): OJED 2020 Second Issue
KeywordsItem parcelling, path analysis, relationships, structural equation model, variables


Structural Equation Model (SEM) is a multivariate statistical technique that has been explored to test relationships between variables. The use of SEM to analyze relationship between variables is premised on the weak assumption of path analysis, regression analysis and so on; that variables are measured without error. This review thus sheds light on the meaning of SEM, its assumptions, steps and some of the terms used in SEM. The importance of item parcelling to SEM and its methods were briefly examined. It also dealt on the stages involved in SEM, similarities and differences between SEM and conventional statistical methods, software packages that can be used for SEM. This article employed systematic literature review method because it critically synthesized research studies and findings on structural equation modeling (SEM). It could be concluded that SEM is useful in analyzing a set of relationships between variables using diagrams. SEM can also be useful in minimizing measurement errors and in enhancing reliability of constructs. Based on this, it is recommended that SEM should be employed to test relationship between variables since it can explore complex relationships among variables such as direct, indirect, spurious, hierarchical and non-hierarchical.

Owolabi, H. O., Ayandele, J. K., & Olaoye, D. D. (2020). A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODEL (SEM). Open Journal of Educational Development (ISSN: 2734-2050)1(2), 27-39.

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